The Pantheism

a 21st century makeover




Itís smart (i.e. intelligent though discomforting) not to derive oneís understanding of the notion of Pantheism from some naÔve archaic fairy tales about GOD, Ďthe unmoved moverí, ĎAll is Oneí, the soul, the spirit and so on but from the most advanced scientific knowledge of the natural world.



Understanding fully how an actual ONE,

For instance, every bit of this universe works as an autonomous thermodynamic unit, that is to say, as a combustion engine.

for instance your smartphone or any emerged phenomenon, actually works should do the trick.


Your Ďsmartí-phone is a piece of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence emerges as cultural elaboration of natural intelligence. Intelligence is defined as the capacity to achieve a goal.


The primary goal of a (i.e. any) natural intelligence system is survival, i.e. continuance. Of artificial systems the goal (or purpose) is the survival of their users.


All natural and artificial intelligent systems (as order templates) emerge as recursive, albeit differential applications (i.e. as local apps souls(?)) of one intelligent albeit undifferentiated ground order (≈ GOD (?)) activated (i.e. animated) and sustained by energy (i.e. by random momentum spirit(?)).



And thatís about it, at least in principle.



For a bland academic overview of some naÔve historic attempts to define the notion ofthe ONE All, to wit, Pantheism, go to:


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