Emerging notions of God


Interpret GOD to mean: Order (≈ rule ≈ regulation)






Cultured God


The child’s nature, i.e. its natural instincts, are suppressed or selectively channelled and ordered



Transition phase

Cultured turning natural God


The juvenile begins to re-access his/her nature as natural instincts



Uncultured God

Natura naturans


The mature adult acts naturally and spontaneously












God as other

Separate, transcendent


God as other and same

i.e. God without and within



God = me


Imprinted or groomed

by scriptures & local tradition



Imprinted or groomed by scriptures and local tradition & by nature


Imprinted or groomed by nature


Single source transcendent

or external rule



God outside, beyond, ‘other’



Both single source external and distributed network internal



God both outside and inside


Internal Rule

i.e. self-regulation as a unit of a distributed ordering network


God = inside = all



Man subject to ‘my one God’

therefore dependent



Gradual emancipation from ‘my one God’ rule

Moral  " amoral


Each man as God

therefore independent




Anthropomorphic/personal order


Anthropomorphic → impersonal



Impersonal order


High political traction


Reduced political traction



Low political traction



Zero self-development flexibility



Increased self-development flexibility


Maximum self-development flexibility



Single source rule


Single → distributed



Distributed (i.e. self-) rule




The Abrahamic and Vedic narratives


Qualified henotheism to qualified pantheism

The Upanishads

Christian gospels



Radical Pantheism


The self-emerging fractal elaboration narrative


Early Buddhism, Samkya & Jainism

+ the Charvakas and Ajivikas




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