Autogenic Training



The simple and easy (albeit dreadfully boring) way to achieve 3 - 5 minute quality timeouts if and when you need to de-stress and regenerate.





The standard exercises


The origin of the exercises


How to practice


Autogenic Training vs. Mindfulness Training


Mindfulness training



Autogenic (meaning: self-generated) Training was developed some 80 years ago to help individuals regenerate from either acute or chronic stress and that in less than 5 minutes, a sort of quick fix solution with long term positive health affects.


Imagine coming to a set of traffic lights. Red (stop, slow down) indicates negative stress. Green (go, accelerate) indicates positive stress. Amber means no stress. When a dynamic system, be that a car or a human, waits unstressed (i.e. takes a quality time out) it regenerates by activating its self healing and self energising functions (set aside by stress, i.e. the fight and flee response).



What Autogenic Training does is put you in amber (hence ‘on standby’) during which you can recover your full potential.



Two groups of people train themselves the quick fix autogenic way. The first is high performance athletes and top-flight business folk who must endure massive acute stress and need to regenerate quickly. The second group consists of people suffering chronic stress that has begun to impact with debilitating chronic illness, such as the various types of persistent pain, allergies and asthma, obesity, diabetes, depression, uncontrolled behaviour of all kinds and so on and on.



Autogenic Training consists of 6 simple and absolutely boring exercises (like putting nappies on a baby or cooking the nth pizza). Each exercise, lasting no more than 3 to 5 minutes, induces the body and mind into the amber quality time out state, that is to say, into a zero stress space (to wit: the wholly detached hence calm ‘NOW’).  When all 6 exercises have been practiced to perfection, that is to say, when the exercises have become automatic, the whole bundle of 6 is reduced to 3 to 5 minutes. The bundle is then performed 3 times per day.


Research has shown that doing the cycle of 3 times per day 3 to 5 minute autogenic quality time out exercise will reduce your visits to the doctor, increase your vitality and add at least 5 years to your life.