Indian Sculpture Park

Alias, Victor’s Way


The authentic site



Necessary recent changes to public access and so on



Re-opening on April 15th 2016

under the same old mismanagement   



Kindly note:           1. Victor’s Way is but a small contemplative garden with

                                    a few add-ons.     more

                                2. It is not suitable for under 18s.

                                3. It is not suitable for dogs higher than 2 inches.


                                4. There is no restaurant.

                                5. There are no public toilets, hence visitors are advised

                                     to D & P (i.e. drink and pee) before or after the visit.



New admission/donation price:    Euro 5,-  per person. Can be rounded down to €2.50 if financially impaired, dyslexic or plain mean. The admission fee is dropped into a slot in the hut next the entrance. I trust you to do your bit.



There is only a small carpark. When full, then it’s full. Coming Saturdays or Sundays between 2.00 and 4.30 is not advised.