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What is the God Pan?


Who is a pantheist?


The crux of pantheism


The pantheist’s belief about the world


Pantheism, the distributed network view of creation


Death and the Pantheist


The Pantheist’s response to system’s failure


The Pantheist’s ‘good’


Pantheism versus henotheism


The pantheist’s purpose


Seeing up the arse of God


The Pantheist and his dream machine


Pantheism & the Upanishads


Exiting the ‘Dark night of the soul’


The pantheist’s fundamental a-morality


Of G.O.D. and the gods


God isn’t merciful


The Pantheist’s heaven


The pantheist’s spirituality


No free lunch


GOD is worshipped in the temple


The Pantheist’s anarchy


The Upanishad pantheist


The Pantheist’s job


Pantheism & the dynamics of identifiable realness




Moksha, mukti (Freedom, release)


Moksha (Mukti) continued


The Self and its selfies


Pantheism as metatheism


Jina Upanishad


Upanishad creation theories


Why man needs to invent God


The essence of the selfie


‘The Lila of Maya’




Karma ≈ act ≈ instruction


The pantheist’s ‘all’


The myth of  ‘universal being’


The pantheist’s notion of consciousness


The pantheist’s fantasy world


The experience of  the ONENESS of ‘the ALL’


Worship & the pantheist


The pantheist ‘brahmacharin


Pan’theus ≈ the common


The pantheist’s basic function


‘Deus ex machina


Eco vs. pan


The logic of predation


G.o.d.’s health warning


The pantheist saint


The basic function of a life




Updating the GOD model


God and the gods


Featureless GOD


The function of a unit of life







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The Pantheism of

             Victor’s Way (Jina marga)



Order ≈ GOD



The belief that ALL (i.e. pan ≈ nature ≈ the universe) is GOD (Greek: theus), or ALL is (fundamentally) ONE, has been reported since about 800BCE. It tends to emerge in older, more mature individuals given to observing the ‘bigger picture’,

Spinoza’s formulation, ‘under the aspect of eternity’ is more appropriately updated as: ‘sub specie totalis’, meaning ‘under the aspect of all.’ What is common to all is order! What constrains disorder, thereby creating order, is called GOD.

Or, as Spinoza called it, sub specie aeternitatis.


What the ALL is ONE belief suggests is that ALL (i.e. all particular, hence uncommon 1’s, i.e. the totality (as universe) of individual forms-as-bites-of-order) emerge from ONE (common order source); and that, consequently, all emerged 1’s, as elaborations of the one order source, are fundamentally identical with the ONE (because they have order in common).

Or, to translate the notion into modern Information Technology language, all (identifiable, because ordered) 1’s emerge as differential (thus local) iterations-(as-applications) of ONE (unidentifiable) Basic Creation Platform (elsewhere called either a Basic (order generating) Operating System or simply, i.e. naively, GOD).


In other words, all (of n) specific because differentiated systems of order, now named eco-systems, emerge (continuously) from, because ‘running on’ one Basic (thus general, thus undifferentiated) Order Generating Platform.


The infamous (because later excommunicated) Irish monk, John Scotus Eriugena (to wit, the Irishman, c. 815CE to c. 877CE), put it like this:

“It follows that we ought not to understand God and the creatures as two things distinct from one another, but as one and the same. For both the creature, by subsisting, is in God; and God, by manifesting himself in a marvellous and ineffable manner creates himself in the creature. (Periphyseon, III. 678c).

The ancient Indian Upanishads, ca. 800BCE, stated the same inference as: “Thou art That.” (Tat-tvam-asi).


Translated into modern Information Systems Theory language, Eriugena’s observation reads as:


‘It follows that we ought not to understand the Basic Order Generating Platform (elsewhere called ‘Portal’ or ‘Basic Operating System’) and its local differential iterations-cum-applications (i.e. the creatures as emergent ≈ fractal elaborations) as two things distinct from one another, but as one and the same.  For both the application, by running on the General Order Generating Platform, is the platform (i.e. GOD/theus); and the platform (i.e. GOD) by emerging itself in a marvellous and ineffable manner, emerges itself in the application.’

Further updated quotes of Eriugena



In other words, if GOD is conceived as Basic (or ‘ground’, so Meister Eckhart) Order Generating Platform (i.e. as initial set of constraints acting as rules or laws) that turns/channels disorder (to wit: entropy ≈ chaos) into order (i.e. anti-entropy), then its emergents, i.e. its differential applications, emerge as local (i.e. specific or particular ≈ niche ≈ ecological) means of generating order.

Moreover the Basic Order Generating Platform, (i.e. GOD-)as-set-of-constrains, happens as blind automaton that responds ubiquitously (i.e. ever-ready and everywhere) and of necessity.

If one assumes that the universe exists as an undisturbed quantum concentrate that emerges as response to disturbance, rather than as an empty space with a something to explode and expand in it,  then the arrangement of the quanta serves as constraint-to-order upon turbulence (i.e. the Big Bang). The constraint-response to turbulence, and in any quantum concentrate, and which would happen of necessity, would then be called GOD.

And its applications (i.e. as identical, because copied recursively, differentials, i.e. as ‘fractal elaborations’) emerge locally (i.e. as eco-systems) by chance (because ‘co-dependent on unpredictable conditions’, so the Buddha) as distributed network of limited order generating automatons.


All emergents (i.e. all ‘creatures’ as on-going, thus surviving, applications that upgrade local order), from enzyme to carrot to human, hence all eco-systems, self-adapt and self-select as renewable (i.e. replaceable), disposable self-constructed (i.e. self-adapted + self-driven) means≈ tools (as natural intelligence bites) that extend the continuance (i.e. as formal survival) of the initial formless Basic Ordering Device (i.e. GOD as post Big Bang entropy reversal platform).


In other words, the Basic Ordering System (i.e. GOD as order generating platform) automatically (and recursively) copies and then applies itself (i.e. its platform of constraints/rules) step-by-step, moment-to-moment differentially, thus generating quantised emergents as local (or niche ≈ eco) ordering systems that function to serve as disposable means to enhance the Basic Ordering System’s (i.e. GOD’s) basic thrust/momentum, namely sustaining and increasing order and thereby continuance, interpreted by humans as survival.


Thus does 21st century pantheism state that:


‘All local order generating apps. (as platforms such as local religions-as-constraints ≈ ‘don’ts’ codes or the Traffic Code) continuously run on and emerge, step by step, from, therefore as, one Basic Order Generating platform.’


The local (i.e. eco-) order systems that survive and contribute to overall order survival self-select by energetically (i.e. forcefully, violently and mercilessly) applying superior fitness (i.e. survival flexibility).

Seeing the arse of GOD



If you don’t get it, try the essays on the left of this page. If you’re still draw a blank, simply observe how the apps on your mobile phone or tablet or all of the creatures of nature operate.